Travel Around The World At Gulliver's Gate - A Must-See Attraction In Time Square

Visiting New York or live there? Gulliver's Gate is a must-see attraction in Times Square to mark on your schedule because you'll discover the Empire State Building, Central Park, along with the Staten Island Ferry Building included in this amazing exhibit.

If you're a model train lover, you'll adore the version of Grand Central Station — it is sliced open to allow you to see three levels of transit at the same time – cars, commuter trains, and the subway system, as well as the main concourse.

There are so many wonderful details to see within Gulliver's Gate like the tightrope walker between the chandeliers, a grafitti artist tagging a wall, plus firefighters high-fiving each other as they rescue a cat from a tree.

Yes, you'll find the tiny details hidden throughout the exhibit that travels the world - yes, it's a global experience you, you're family and friends will not soon forget. Imagine, there are over 1,000 miniature trains, 12,000 wagons, 10,000 cars and trucks, and over 100,000 people – all in miniature form, with regions including New York, the Middle East, Europe, Britain, Niagara, Russia, South America and Asia.

Plan Your Visit To Gulliver's Gate

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