Discover The Best Places For Live Music Around The World

Our friends at recently carried out an in-depth study into the 50 best cities on Earth for watching live music. The study looks at the number of venues and gigs as well as average capacities and ticket costs and then looking at how it compares against their area.

A city is defined by many things; its food, its skyline and, of course, its music scene. In a city, genres can originate and bands can be founded all as a direct result of performance venues both big and small. have used the overall areas of cities around the world to determine which ones are offering more to its inhabitants and visitors.

Among The Top Places For Live Music Are:

Paris - The ‘City of Lights’ tops our rankings, with a relatively small area for a city, big venues (1,560 average capacity) and fairly cheap average tickets (£38.62) putting the French capital in pole position. Beyond the famous Moulin Rouge, Paris also offers a unique experience for fans of Rock and House music.

Chicago - The ‘Windy City’ has existed as a pioneering force throughout the last century. Its strong musical tradition helped birth jazz, blues, house and soul and still provides the cultural heartbeat of the city with over 2,000 gigs on offer in the next year.

Seattle - In 6th place comes the Emerald City which gave the world Nirvana, but also a sound that defined a generation. It's abundant live music scene honors this artistic tradition!

London - Live music and England’s capital have been harmonious for decades which makes it an unsurprising addition to the list. With over 1,270 across its huge radius, London comes in at 10th on our list.

For many cities, it is its modest size or its cheap average ticket cost that can see them rank well. To discover how the likes of Detroit, Edinburgh and New York have fared, use this link to visit their website.

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