Catch Monroeville At The Ole Smoky Moonshine Distilleries

While visiting friends in Gatlinburg recently we discovered the foot stomping, and spirited tunes played by Monroeville at The Holler at the Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery. They play at two locations, so you can catch them in Pigeon Forge at The Island, or in Gatlinburg throughout October.

Monroeville’s blending of traditional acoustic instruments creates lively, toe-tapping grooves that put a smile on your face. Ask anyone who was there at The Holler in Gatlinburg and they'll tell you they had a great time when the guys took the stage. Young and old, everyone loved their music, which was evident by the children dancing alongside their parents. Capturing the spirit of the moment was an older gentleman who had on white tap shoes, and danced his heart out throughout the evening.

What a great location for free concerts - you can sample a tasty selection of moonshine at the Old Smoky Mountain Distillery, and hang around for the show. Be warned - move your feet - lose your seat. We watched from above, and when Monroeville paused for break and a couple left someone was right there to claim the empty rocking chairs.

It was amazing to learn of the local connection Monroeville has with our home state of Indiana - they took their name in honor of Bill Monroe. Bluegrass fans know that they'll find some of the best music around at the Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival, Bean Blossom Blues Festival, and others held at the Bill Monroe Music Park and Campground in Brown County, Indiana.

We’ve seen bands at the Bill Monroe Music Park, and with Monroeville’s soulful melodies led by GRAMMY® nominated producer and engineer, Matt Munsey,  would rock the park with their unique Bluegrass style. They love the music. Listen to their music online, and you can tell whether they're playing country and bluegrass or laying down the blues - the music is what matters. And, that's what the world needs more of - music that is natural, and comes from the heart that reaches beyond boundaries and unites us!

Learn More And Order Monroeville’s Albums 

Visit the Monroeville website to learn more about the band, upcoming concert dates and locations, as well as order their albums. Or, check out their Face Book and YouTube pages.