Cincinnati Music Festival Soothes The Soul

The 2017 Cincinnati Music Festival brought a great show to the City of Cincinnati with some great entertainer’s, beautiful models, good food and spirits and some awesome P & G Products.
For those fans who traveled from near or far were able to experience a great three-day concert event of some of the best in R&B, jazz, soul and hip-hop.

Getting to this colossal event however was a bit challenging for many as there was a lot of traffic issues due to construction, but the fans still came in droves as they knew it was absolutely well worth the traffic challenge.
And for those who traveled from all over, need to remember one thing; when traveling to places you have never been too, always know your way around by having a good GPS on your phone, or, at the very least, have a good city map handy. It makes for getting to where you are going a lot easier and a smoother less stressful drive. As for Parking in downtown Cincy, well, it was easy-breezy as the City of Cincinnati seems to have good parking around Paul Brown Stadium. It is easy in, and easy out, and that is always a plus in any big city.
Once all the fans started ascended into the stadium, the event continued to flow very well, and the stadium was filling up quickly, keeping the Security Event Staff busy checking bags to ensure the fan were safe in their surroundings; which added an easy feeling for all the fans to relax and enjoy the concerts.
All in all, safety seemed tight virtually all over the entire event as they had a lot of Security Personnel, Event Staff and Police Officers throughout.
Each night as the sun started to set, the music started flowing, getting the fans on their feet moving & grooving to the awesome sounds of a multitude of exceptional performers.
Mary J. Blige, KEM, SWV, En Vogue, and Bell Biv Devoe fired up the stage starting Friday night with some amazing sounds starting with SWV, En Vogue and a personal favorite “KEM” with his sexy, soothing and amazing voice, which was an outstanding vocal performance. And Bell Biv Devoe brought down the house with a multitude of songs and really got the fans up and dancing with one of their number one hits “Poison”. And when they sang it, everyone knew the lyrics and sang along like they were on stage with them…. that was a truly exciting performance! Then Mary J. Blige ended that evening with her outstanding choreographed performance and amazing voice that filled the night air, soothing the soul.

Saturday was another great show and started the evening out with some great hip hop, jazz and a little R&B with Anthony Hamilton, Confunkshun, Ro James & Fantasia. All of them sounded awesome with some great stage performances and of course Fantasia with her sexy outfit and stunning voice was awesome to say the least. Then for the man who closed this colossal event out with some of the best in R & B, hip hop and jazz and is known as one of the best, and a true supreme performer in the music world was non-other than USHER! When USHER came out on stage the fans were on their feet and loud and energetic. He was outstanding in his stunning and sexy white outfit that was complementing to his amazing and exceptional voice that has that emotional range that reached into to heart and soul of his fans. Usher is one of the top artist in music industry, and so many of his songs have engraved many memories into the heart and soul of many of our lives, including mine. Usher didn’t disappoint and tore it up as he brought the 2017 Cincinnati Music Festival to an end in an excellent exit for the end of a great event.
All the performers were outstanding. Each group had their own distinct sounds that the fans loved as they were singing right along with them. These great artists have given people so many memories in their lives and many were enjoying those memories as the sounds soothed their soul bringing those unforgettable memories to life.
USA Travel Magazine coverage of this year’s event was very entertaining and a lot of fun as it was full of energy and emotions and USATM would like to give thanks to the Santangelo Group who every year keeps the energy going by bringing the fans top performing artist connecting them to an unforgettable 3-days of amazing music and outstanding performing artist to stage at Paul Brown Stadium, home of the NFL Cincinnati Bengals.
USA Travel Magazine would like to also give thanks to the presenting sponsor of the past three years, Proctor and Gamble (P&G) who wants to foster an inclusive spirit that reflects the diversity of their employees, consumers and the surrounding communities by creating an economic impact of $11 million for the beautiful City of Cincinnati.   

Photo Credits: Cincinnati Music Festival

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