Summer Fun In A OGO In Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is the place to visit this summer for a wild ride in OGO. If you thought that the Great Smoky Mountains only had bears and country shows to experience - guess again. There's more fun than imagined to be had at the Outdoor Gravity Park, where you can take a ride in a giant orb that resembles a big hamster ball. Get ready to laugh hilariously as you slip and slide down one of the carved five OGO routes.

Summer’s get can pretty hot in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and the best way to cool off is in the H20GO. Gather your friends at the top of the Outdoor Gravity Park, and prepare for a refreshing roll down the 1,000 ft hill. No worries about getting dizzy; OGO’s are a smooth ride that you’ll want to do over and over. The actual OGO Balls are 11 foot diameter inflatable balls with a 6 foot ball suspended in the middle, and are made of 300 square feet of plastic. That’s a lot of pop bottles!

Rolling out the fun all summer long, the Outdoor Gravity Park has a rotating barrel water slide called the Fishpipe. It’s perfect for families because even a 4-year-old can ride it. There’s also the OGO with harness seating for ages 6 years old and up. So, everyone can have a blast!

Did You Know? - The Fishpipe at the Outdoor Gravity Park is the longest water slide in the world, and goes over 1/8 mile per minute!

Get Ready For A Wild Summer At Outdoor Gravity Park

The OGO at the Outdoor Gravity Park is the only one of its kind in Tennessee. And, it’s just off the Parkway in Pigeon Forge at Traffic Light #1. Check out their website for current news, coupons, and other specials available.

Plan Your Trip To Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee has amazing natural treasures and recreation to enjoy, along with attractions and entertainment year-round, and to plan your trip just visit the Pigeon Forge Department of Tourism website.