Cincinnati Music Festival News- KEM Mentors New Aspiring Artist

Procter and Gamble is proud to share the rhythm, the Blues, the Jazz and the Hip Hop with some amazing music at this year’s Cincinnati Music Festival bringing approximately 75000 people from around the country to the Queen City with an economic impact of 11 million dollars over this 3-day colossal event. 2017 is sure to connect thousands of music lovers with the sights and sounds of music as well as some amazing and energetic entertainment.
This year the very talented music artist “KEM” again, has been asked to return to the by the Santangelo Family and he has graciously agreed to not only perform on stage with his soothing voice creating memories for his fans, but to also be a judge for the Celebrity Talent Competition, that has had over 100 videos submitted for this year’s Cincinnati Music Festival. KEM explains to the festival Media that what he will be looking for when deciding the next new upcoming new Talent is for a someone who has heart, a lot of heart, as well as ability to perform. KEM was very clear to let new up-coming talent undeniably know that you can be a great singer, but you have to be a great singer with heart.  If you heart felt and reaching out to your fans it really just elevates everybody in the room and he is looking forward to who that may be at this year’s Celebrity Talent Show.
KEM went on to explain his advice for an aspiring artist is to remember that there are a lot of people trying to make it in the music industry today, and there a lot of different vehicles that people are using to try to do that. They go to the internet to sites like Spotify, Sound Cloud, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and there is a lot of content out there. So his first thing to say to the young aspiring artist, is make sure that this is something that you're supposed to be doing, that this is the calling on your life, that this is for you. Otherwise you spend the rest of your life pursuing something that doesn't belong to you, and KEM went on to say that after that, if they still want to pursue it after that, he says to them to, be disciplined, learn the business and practice, practice, practice and perform in every opportunity that you can. If it is really something you’re supposed to be doing, you’re are not doing it for money. You’re doing it because it is the calling on your life, and finishes with wishing everyone in the Competition “Good Luck”.
The grand prize winner of the Celebrity Competition will get the privilege to perform at the 2017 Cincinnati Music Festival to share their music to the hearts and souls of this year’s Festival fans.

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