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Travel by RV has grown in popularity, and many folks are taking advantage of caravans tours that explore America's backyard and beyond. If you enjoy traveling in your RV, and are looking for a fun adventure join a Fantasy RV Tour. They have created a series of tours not only across the nation, but also to exotic destinations such as Mexico’s Baja, South Africa, Australia, Europe and other worldwide locations.

RV Road Tripping Ideas
Among the popular tours offered by Fantasy RV Tours is a journey in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark. It took Captain Lewis and Second Lieutenant Clark two and half years to trek from the fort near St. Louis, Missouri to the Oregon coast. Today's explorers have a great advantage over Lewis and Clark though; they'll enjoy the convenience of traveling along modern highways, and all the comforts of a home away from home in their Rv's.

When you set out on the expedition you'll journey along the Missouri, Snake and Columbia Rivers to the west coast of Oregon. Along the way re-enactors and storytellers present Living History Performances that bring the story of Lewis and Clark's travels to life. You'll make a stop in St. Louis for a Guided Bus Tour of the city before traveling on to the Daniel Boone Home and Village. Later, the caravan will make its way to Kansas City to visit the Lewis and Clark Point Lookout, and one of my favorite attractions; the Arabia Steamboat Museum. This museum is a time capsule that celebrates a time when Steamboats rolled along the muddy Missouri river. Just like Lewis and Clark, who preserved against all odds towards the West; it was through the sheer determination of five men that the Arabia Steamboat was recovered. And, when they eventually discovered the steamboat they were amazed by the well preserved collection of leather-made clothing and boots, furs, china, and seed beads, which would have been traded with local Indians.

From tailgating at the Kentucky Derby to discovering three Made-in-America Music Destinations these RV tours offer endless entertainment and sites to see. Popular trips include a trip to Manitoba, Canada for the Polar Bear Migration, where you'll leave your RV, and hop aboard a chartered plane to get up close and personal with adult bears and their cubs. You can also discover Culture, Cuisine and Character in the Canadian Maritime Provinces that features creative travel itineraries for RV caravanners that include visits to picture perfect lighthouses, quaint fishing villages, and historic whaling stations. Or, discover Alaska's untouched wilderness, where you can capture amazing photo's of grizzly and black bears, moose, and wolves in their natural habitats. 

Tours and caravans trips include RV Camping Fees, and there are CPR Certified WagonMaster and  TailGunner Teams who follow the caravans. Meals, itineraries, and tours are provided as well as maps, and travel tips. Along the way there will be plenty of time for relaxing around the campfire, fishing, and hiking along beautiful trails. In the end it is the joy of discovery and unique experiences awaiting along the routes that keep many returning to join the Fantasy RV Tours year after year!

Plan Your Rving Adventure With Fantasy RV Tours:

For 50 years, Fantasy RV Tours has organized RV Tours within the United States, and exotic destinations that include Mexico’s Baja, South Africa, Australia, Europe and destinations around the world. To explore upcoming tours and caravans visit their website http://www.fantasyrvtours.com/.

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