Rescuing And Releasing Turtle's In Marathon, Florida

Each year, the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida receives numerous sick or injured sea turtles. Often, many of these injuries are caused by the turtle being hit by boats. They also have a habit of ingesting fishing lines, hooks, and even plastic bags too. Since the turtle's don't seem to know the difference in what they're eating it's up to us to help them out.

There are four species of sea turtles treated at the Turtle Hospital, which the Loggerhead, Green, Hawksbill, and Kemp’s Ridley’s. Each species is vulnerable to eating things they shouldn't, and we can help by dispose of our waster in the proper places, rather than the ocean. Every little bit we do to protect our environment helps preserve it for future generations. This is what makes the work at the Turtle Hospital so important; without their efforts, and other organizations like them, many of nature’s creatures would perish. 

When we visited the Turtle Hospital it was the tiny, adorable hatchlings that caught our eye. Once these little one's are old enough they will be released back into the wild. While the goal of the hospital is to return sea turtles to the ocean, there are times when a sea turtles injuries are so severe they must remain at the hospital. And, those sea turtles who do find a home at the Turtle Hospital then become mascots that help educate children and adults alike about the dangers they face in the ocean.

Great News! - We're happy to report that one of the Turtle Hospital patient's, Skipper has recovered, and was recently released!

Plan Your Visit To The Turtle Hospital
The Turtle Hospital is located at 2396 Overseas Hwy, Marathon. For current programs available and to plan your visit call (305) 743-2552 or visit their website
To plan your trip to the beautiful Florida Keys call 1-800-352-5397 or visit the Florida Keys Tourism website.

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