Ciarletta's Hair Care Offers Healthy Style Tips For Your Trip

Bad hair days are awful, and yes, we all have them, as well as struggle to find that magical product that will help take those hair blues away. Luckily one cold winter day I ran into this nice lady; who was quit a pip to talk too, and as we chitchatted she brought up that she liked my big fluffy hair. I thanked her and told her I was glad she liked it because I was at wits end and having a really bad hair day. Don’t get me wrong, I love my hair; when I can get it to behave, but this one particular day, my hair was truly unruly

As we continued with the discussion of my hair, out of the blue the lady surprised me by offering me a gift. As she handed me this bottle, she told me with a big smile that I would absolutely love this stuff, and hands me the bottle of hair product called “Indulge” by Ciarletta’s. As I started to walk away, she yells out I use this stuff and “trust me, you will love it!”

The next morning, I decided ok, I will give this product a try, and after a blow-dry and curling iron style, I thought WOW, that lady must have been my hair angel, no kidding! This hair product called “Indulge” made from Noni berries made my hair super soft and unbelievably manageable. It was amazingly awesome on how well my hair behaved after only using it one timeLoved it!

After three months I had ran out of my “Indulge” and called Ciarletta’s. When I called, I actually got a hold of the owner Nick Ciarletta and asked him if I could visit him at his salon to get more “Indulge. Nick told me I could order it online or pick some up at his Salon located in Shelbyville Indiana. He was very helpful as he let me know whichever I chose, he would makesure I got what I needed for my hair.

When I arrived, it was such an intriguing and very unique experience as Nick told me his story of how “Indulge” came to be. I mean it was truly being not what I expected, therefore getting my attention because he was actually a part of the creation of all the Ciarletta’s Hair Products, including my “Indulge”.
After he explained the creation of his products, Nick went above and beyond to help me understand my hair problem. He went over several things I needed to do and explained how to wear my hair to the structure of my face tooLet me tell you, I am a big hair girl and that was super cool, and made a lot of sense once he showed me what to do, and more importantly, why I was doing it!!!

So, if you are one of those who have bad hair days, you may want to check out Ciarletta’s. It may just be what the hair doctor ordered.

For additional information on products available or appointments available at the Salon, located at 2108 South Riley Highway in Shelbyville, Indiana 46176 call (317) 398-4247 or visit their website at

Photo Credits: Ciarletta’s 

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