6 Reason To Visit Coral Crater Adventure Park For Offbeat Fun In Hawaii

How often do you visit Hawaii? Maybe you've seen most of the sites, or it's your first visit and you're looking for something unique and offbeat to experience - we've got just the activity - head over to Coral Crater Adventure Park for fun for all ages, and you can hunt for Zombies! We've counting down the top 6 reason to visit Coral Crater Adventure Park, and enjoy all the outdoor adventures in beautiful Kapolei, Hawaii.

6. Discounts and Specials Available

Coral Crater Adventure Park has Member, Hawaii resident and military discounts available. Be sure to ask the staff about current discounts, specials and deals available when planning your adventure!

5. Professional and Friendly Staff

The park’s approximately 30 staff are specially trained to ensure a safe and fun experience for guests of all ages and experience levels. The professional staff can help you explore activities you've never done before like taking an Aerial adventure tour or making it to the top of the climbing wall.

4. This Is The Perfect Party and Event Destination

Coral Crater Adventure Park is the perfect places for a party. From a graduation party, wedding related event and private luaus, to team-building meetings and other celebrations as well as family gatherings you'll find plenty of space for your activities. Plus, there are barbeque grills, imu aka underground oven pits, and full-service supplies are available.

3. Adventures For Every Age

Activities offer a a range of aerial and terrestrial forest adventures, and are available in packages or ala carte, with convenient add-on services, like lockers and round-trip shuttle transportation from Waikiki. This way you can add the activities you want without paying for those you don't need. And, the friendly staff at Coral Crater Adventure Park can help you in planning your adventure so you get the most fun out of your visit.

“The park is designed so that it can accommodate several hundred people a day but never feels crowded,” Owen said. “Guests really get to spread out and enjoy activities without waiting in long lines.”

Among The Activities Are:

ATV tour on 1 mile of off-road terrain
Aerial adventure tower
50-foot freefall experience
Climbing and rappelling wall
50-foot giant tandem King Swing
6-line zipline course (for ages 6 and up; includes tandem and nighttime experiences)
Electric mountain bike tour
Zombie Apocalypse tactical live-action laser tag
All essential safety and rental gear, including helmets and harnesses, are included with entry.

2. They Reuse and Are Eco-Friendly

They transformed a former U.S. Navy coral quarry two multi-use areas, which means more fun for everyone! First you have a 10-acre crater for adventure activities, and then there's the 6,000-square-foot lawn, observation deck and landscaped picnic area that is open to the public with no entry fee. Not only did they reuse a previous footprint, the park is also designed to reduce environmental and community impact, with solar power; seabird-friendly lighting; extensive recycling and composting measures; gray-water recycling and bio-friendly cleaning materials.

“Adventure parks are rapidly becoming one of the most popular outdoor activity experiences in the U.S., and for good reason – they are extremely fun and offer something for everyone,” said James Owen, CEO and owner of Coral Crater, LLC, which operates the park. “Coral Crater Adventure Park provides a fresh lineup of activities in Hawaii, enhancing recreation opportunities for residents and visitors alike in a safe, convenient location.”

1. Where Else Can You Fight Off A Zombie Invasion?

Yes! The invasion has begun and soon Oahu will be swarming with the UNDEAD. All across the island, outbreaks will spread to all of the places we know and love. The government tried to contain the situation covertly. They failed. They've managed to isolate the zombies to Coral Crater. And, you're one of the select few deemed worthy to undergo intense zombie survival training from our undead response unit.

Zombie Apocalypse Live is a live-action, video-game style zombie shooting experience, and the zombie killing weapon of choice is a replica M4 i it's like using the real thing! Your weapon also features 30% actual recoil of an authentic M4 and is constructed from actual M4 bodies. This is not a plastic toy. Are you physically fit, emotionally sound and ready to blow some zombie brains out? Oh yeah, only head shots count so bring your best aim!

Plan Your Adventure At Coral Crater Adventure Park

Open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Coral Crater Adventure Park is a state-of-the-art park that was developed over the past 4 years after Owen, who has more than a decade of experience in the state’s visitor industry, recognized a need to expand recreation offerings on Oahu. It was designed and built by the nation’s top engineers and contractors in the adventure park industry. The park is located at the intersection of Roosevelt Avenue and Enterprise Street at 91-1780 Midway Road in West Oahu, with a large bus-accessible free parking area.

From ATV tours to zip lines and live-action laser tag, Coral Crater offers thrills for everyone. For current news on adventures, and to book reservations, which are encouraged, visit the Coral Crater Adventure Park website at www.coralcrater.com or calling 808-626-5773.

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