Upcoming Events To Join At Gen Con

Each year Gen Con gets bigger and offers more gaming, events, and entertainment for fans to enjoy, and this year is going to be a exciting time to attend. 

Have you ever wanted to try miniature gaming? Then join Gen Con Promotional Partner and Premiere Event Group Catalyst Game Labs for a Battletech Boot Camp! These one hour events will introduce the basics of miniature gaming and the Battletech universe.

Join in the world’s largest Organized Play program as the Pathfinder Society returns to Gen Con bigger than ever, taking over the entire Sagamore Ballroom with increased playspace, 1800 tables of scheduled gaming, and a slew of epic specials and events!

The World Of Golarion Awaits At Gen Con!

One of the events not to miss is the massively multiplayer Pathfinder Gen Con Specials, Siege of Serpents and The Sky Key Solution, where 180 tables of players will work cooperatively on the same adventure, and the Sagamore Ballroom is transformed into the world of Golarion with giant interactive maps and movie-like sound from Syrinscape. 

Thursday night will close-out Season 6 of Pathfinder Society, and Friday night will kick-off Season 7. The Saturday night Special, True Dragons of Absalom, lets you take on the role of a kobold with a pre-generated character. Then, there's the Sunday morning Special, Serpent’s Rise, in which you get to play evil, pre-generated characters for the first time, and also experience the other side of the story you've played through in Siege of Serpents.

This year Adventure Card Guild Open will make its debut at Gen Con. And, fans of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game will find 20 tables designated for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild Organized Play, and tournament play. There will four Specials, 17 different scenarios, plus a Kid’s Track with nine different adventures tailored specifically for children. Also look for the  Beginner Box introductions, six new Occult Adventures quests, a 3D model of the town of Sandpoint, and three modules that allow you to take on the role of Pathfinder’s mischievous goblins.

See You At Gen Con - The Best Four Days in Gaming! 

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