Conservation Meets Adventure At SeaWorld Orlando

We’re off to Central Florida in the Wild Wednesday Column for a trip to SeaWorld Orlando, where conservation meets adventure with engaging exhibits, entertainment, and fun for all.

While visiting with the animals one message was clear; it’s up to us to save the world we live in for future generations. SeaWorld Parks have joined together with the Washed Ashore Project to enlighten us to the waste polluting our world’s ocean in a creative way; through art. Artist and veteran educator, Angela Haseltine Pozzi, has worked with countless volunteers to create huge Sculptures Of Sea Life that are made from debris found along the shores. There are twelve sculptures in all that can be found at SeaWorld’s parks.
From a distance these are striking and colorful works of art. Step closer, and you’re surprise to find plastic bottles, beach shovels, and even tooth brushes make up these creatures. It’s unbelievable to realize how much waste litters our oceans. In fact, they found almost ton of garbage per mile on remote beaches in Alaska.
Read more about SeaWorld's 50th anniversary that include's a Sea Of Surprises like unexpected fun at their parks in Orlando, San Antonio, and San Diego. They have a excited team who are entertaining guests with surprises and prizes during their visit. 

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