Celebrate National Culinary Arts Month Along The River Communities Of Iowa and Illinois, and Win

Travel along the riverfront communities in Iowa and Illinois and you'll discover a tasty selection of food to enjoy. In fact, each year travelers in the U.S. spend over $200 billion  on food, which is more than what they spend on lodging, transportation, and shopping. 

Sample the chili sugar-cured duck in Galena or visit the island of Sabula for wood-fired pizza. In Clinton you'll find Chicken George cooking up some mouth-watering selections, and there's also the award-winning bone-in stuffed Iowa pork chop in Davenport to try. 

If you're looking for something different how about the the sticky burger with peanut butter found in Muscatine; Greek Lemon Chicken in Fort Madison; a delicious menu of pasta in Quincy, or cinnamon rolls in Nauvoo.

There are so many choices for great food along the river communities you can try something new each time you visit. Along with great food there are many festive events to join, trendy shopping areas, and  historic sites to explore. 

Getting There:

To explore everything to experience along the riverfront communities in Iowa and Illinois, and to enter the contest by July 31st visit www.travelmississippiriver.org.

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