Vote for Gen Con in NUVO's Best of Indy 2014

If you ever been to Gen Con Indy, you know it's one of the best conventions of the year. Filled with fun for gamers and families, the event grows bigger every year.

Now, you have a chance to show your support by voting for Gen Con in NUVO, which has nominated Gen Con for two "Best of Indy" categories for 2014! 

Gen Con is up for nomination for "Best Local Event You've Always Wanted to Go to But Haven't Yet" and "Best Film Festival." 

Get in the game, and show your support for Gen Con by voting at

Getting There:

Gen Con will take place at the Indianapolis Convention Center, to order tickets, view the schedules of events, and more details visit

Gen Con updates by Eric Worley and Josh Schubert 

Photo Credits: Gen Con/Nuvo

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