Gen Con Events Include An Adventure With True Dungeon

If you got your tickets for Gen Con you already know it's going the be a exciting year, and this week you can start registering for "must attend events. Check out the events via YouTube at

Among the experiences to join is the True Dungeon's small village that is dominated by two large inns. Upon entering an inn, players will be greeted by a friendly NPC who will direct them to their team’s PRIVATE, well-lit Coaching Room. After the adventure, you'll   enjoy vastly improved optional end-game experiences.

Each group will get their own private Epilogue Room where an NPC will present an end-of-adventure wrap-up, while another NPC prepares earned Treasure Chips, Completion Tokens, and Survivor Buttons. XP recording will be done by players after the event with a new online self-recording XP system.  The treasure is drawn inside this room. True Dungeon will boast two consecutive adventures. This is the second year of the current three-year story arc. Be sure to play one or more adventures to continue the story.

Two slightly different versions will be offered:

Part One of True Dungeon: "Flight of the Zephyr": This completely new “gnomepunk”-themed two-hour adventure challenges the party to repair a crashed gnomish zeppelin while fending off swarming monsters.

Part Two of True Dungeon: "Into the Viper’s Pit": This completely new two-hour adventure continues the story immediately after “Flight of the Zephyr”.  Players must descend into the depths of a desert-themed temple to locate the missing dwarves of Icecrag Keep.

One is more puzzle-oriented, the other more combat-focused.  This means that a total of FOUR different adventures will be available!

A Tip For Both Adventures: "True Grind: Race to the Oasis”: This combat gauntlet challenges the party to survive a journey to an oasis across a hostile desert landscape that is filled with many fearsome foes.

Getting There:

Gen Con will take place at the Indianapolis Convention Center, to order tickets, view the schedules of events, and more details visit

Gen Con updates by Eric Worley and Josh Schubert 

Photo Credits: Gen Con

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