Wildlife Education Program's Help Us Save Nature's Creatures

On Feb 12, 2014 we shared a story in the Travel Freak's Wild Wednesday Column on the Florida Keys Turtle Hospital. In a recent newsletter, the Turtle Hospital revealed how education program's benefit nature and wildlife by teaching us how to lend a helping hand.

Susan and George, a couple from Tavernier, who attend one of the education program recognized the symptoms of a sea turtle in distress, and rescued it. The Turtle Hospital's staff arrived and realized the Loggerhead, they later named 'Susan' had eaten something. The x-rays showed a hook, which was later extracted. The Turtle Hospital's Education Program helped Susan and George understand what to do to save the Loggerhead sea turtle, which will recover, and eventually be released back into the wild.
Learn more about the Florida Keys Turtle Hospital's Education Program by calling (305) 743-2552 or visit their website at http://www.turtlehospital.org/.
Read the story on the Florida Key's Turtle Hospital by visiting http://www.travelfreak.com/2014/02/12/wild-wednesday-florida-keys-turtle-hospital/.

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