Author Patrick Kingsley Shares A Journey to the Cultural Heart of Denmark In How To Be Danish

In How To Be Danish we take a journey with Patrick Kingsley, who explores the happiest country on Earth; Denmark. Although, the mention in the 2013 World Happiness Report it was a surprise to locals (pg 165). 

From the moment you begin reading, Patrick draws you deeper into the history of Denmark. We explore the country's architecture and design, politics, food, and the everyday lives of the country's people. When you travel the world it's interesting to learn about the cultures. This is what is most enjoyable about Patrick's  book; learning about the Danish people and their views. He reveals that there is no word for “please” in Denmark, and the different views between the country folk and those who thrive in the cities like Copenhagen.

Winner of the 2013 Frontline award for print journalism, Patrick lives in Cario, and works as the Guardian’s Egypt correspondent. He was named new journalist of the year at the 2013 British Journalism Awards, and a finalist at the Foreign Press Awards. In How To Be Danish Patrick's experience as a journalist helps him delve deeper into Denmark's social issues, and what the future holds. 

Whether planning a trip to Denmark or if you're just interested in learning ore about the country's history and culture; How To Be Danish is a revealing tale of a Denmark and it's people.

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