Check Out The Haunted House At Ron's Halloween Store For Scares And More

Journalist, Josh Schubert, and his friend, Grog, got together to check out some of Indy's Haunted Houses. To get in the spirit of the season, they dressed up, and what they found at Ron's Halloween Store is a Haunted House that will scare outta your wits.

"This is really one of the best haunted houses I have had the pleasure to go to in Indy. They're truly freaky! The first room you enter into is a great setup of a bar that dark and creepy, and everything glows. But the really freaky stuff is yet to come. I can't divulge too many secrets, but I can say this is worth the drive to Ron's Halloween Store and Haunted House.

The actors are great. They have good timing, so as to scare the wits outta you, and great costumes. The best part is their dedication - they're all volunteers, who really work hard to put on a great event. Which makes the whole thing that much better because these guys are dedicated to scaring the crap out of you. And, while you're there you can pick up some props or costumes at the store for your dungeon at home."

Getting There:

Ron's Halloween Store and Haunted House is located at 8829 E. Washington ST. Indianapolis, IN. Check out for more locations and details.

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