Pink Products Support Breast Cancer Awareness

For those suffering from Breast Cancer time can drag on in their fight for a cure. Each October, we recognize the fight against Breast Cancer, remember those we've lost, and show our support of the individuals and families who face this disease by providing awareness and support for the community. This is exactly what chicBuds has done with their pink products, which benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Keep On Track With The Days Ago Digital Day Counter

When it comes to breast cancer, early detection is the key to survival. No one knows that better than Kathleen Whitehurst, co-inventor of the award-winning Days Ago Digital Day Counter – and a 12-year survivor. We cannot stop time, although we can keep track of it when it comes to protecting ourselves against breast cancer with this simple little pink-colored digital timer.

Simply attach the Days Ago Digital Day Counter to your bathroom mirror by the handy suction cup, and after your exam, push the reset button, and you're done. Now, you know exactly when 30 days have elapsed, and it is time to do another exam. Every little step helps as Kathleen knows, who underwent a mastectomy and chemotherapy. And, throughout her journey, Kathleen's daughter Jamie was there to offer love and encouragement, and the inspiration to create the Pink Days Ago Digital Day Counter! To learn more about Kathleen Whitehurst's story and order your Pink Days Ago Digital Day Counter visit

Gifts That Keep Giving: Earth Balance Pink Cloth and Inspire Gift Bags

 Saving our trees one bag at a time is the Earth Balance Bag motto, and they're standing up to support another important cause; Breast Cancer Awareness! In support of women with breast cancer, Earth Balance has created their Pink Cloth and Inspire gift bag designs that are available in large or small sizes. These bags are designed to celebrate life as we continue the fight against breast cancer.

Gifts given in the Earth Balance Bag are a eco-friendly and creative way to say we care. Join Earth Balance as they remembering those who have lost their lives to Breast Cancer, those still facing the battle ahead, and the survivors! Discover more about Earth Balance Bag's eco-friendly designs, the prettily pale Pink Cloth bag, or the vibrant and multicolored Inspire bags by visiting

Zach's Wax Pink Extreme Color Gel

Discover a fun way to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness with Zach's Wax bright Extreme Color Gels. Whether you're going a run for the cure or just want to add a touch of excitement to your day, Zach's Wax has a variety of fun colors to try. The colors are perfect for parties, and holidays, and for anytime you feel like you need to spice things up without a long term commitment.

We love that you simply brush Zach's Wax in, enjoy a splash of color, and then washes out with just one shampoo. No worries and all fun; that what Zach's Wax is all about! With each purchase a portion of the sale is always set aside for donation, regardless what time of year you place your order. And, when you order Zach's Wax Pink Extreme Color Gel a donation will be given to the Susan G. Komen foundation to fight breast cancer! To order your Pink Extreme Color Gel that benefits the Susan G. Komen foundation, and view more products available visit

The Mary-Stacy, Pretty in Pink Special Edition Clutch Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Crafted from made of soft high quality leather, each of the Mary-Stacy, Pretty in Pink Special Edition Clutch's includes a purse charm of the pink Breast Cancer Ribbon. Created by Kelli Diane, the Designer and CEO of Kelli Diane Designs, these beautiful Clutch's are her way of giving back. She has many family members, including her mother, and  friends that are Cancer survivors, and celebrates the lives of those who have passed by donating a portion of the sales to the Foundation of Living Beauty. This charity helps women who are struggling with the affects of cancer and chemotherapy, get in touch with their strong, feminine side.

I love the petite design that is perfect for carrying your cell phone, money, credit cards, and keys. The Mary-Stacy, Pretty in Pink Special Edition Clutch is named in honor of one of her mother's best friends who passed away from Breast Cancer and her daughter who is a Breast Cancer survivor! To order your Mary-Stacy, Pretty in Pink Special Edition Clutch and view other designs in Kelli Diane's collection go to

Poo-Pourri Joins The Fight Against Breast Cancer

The name - Poo-Pourri, says more than one might imagine. These creative blends of essential oils eradicate toilet bowl odors on the spot. And, Poo-Pourri is raising breast cancer awareness one spritz at a time with their No. 2 4oz Before-You-Go Bathroom Spray. As they say, “Just spray the loo before No. 2, and no one will ever have a clue!” Created with a blend of Mandarin, Bergamot, and orange with hints of peaches and berries, No. 2 leaves a fresh and fruity scent after every flush. And, each order will help raise awareness and support for breast cancer throughout the year! Use this link to read more about the Poo-Pourri collection of products.

Show Your Support Of Breast Cancer Awareness With PartyBeans

Anyone who loves jelly beans will adore the fun collection of Party Beans. These are creative white or silver containers filled with goodies; and they can be personalized! Be creative and add photos, a logo, or a personalized message. Say I love you in a special way, or surprise a loved one on their birthday. Afterwards, they can fill their PartyBeans container with more goodies or spare change. Either way, they have a memorable gift.

Once you've created your design you can fill the PartyBeans container with an assortment of the 49-flavors of jelly beans, which are also Kosher certified along with the rest of their products! I like the pink Cotton Candy ones, and there's also pink Bubble Gum that you can add to the mix. These are such great gifts for any occasion, and the best part is that your purchase helps in the fight against Breast Cancer. To start creating your PartyBeans gift and check out all the Kosher flavors available visit

Thank You For Your Support In The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Thank you to all those who work hard behind the scenes and on the front lines to raise awareness of Breast Cancer. For those fighting the battle - never give up - we're all here with you, every step of the way!

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