And It's Over - Pierre's Trip Comes To An End

I should have written an entry letting everyone know my trip has come to an end. This does not mean, however, I will stop writing a few entries here and there, reflecting on my travels. Classes at school have started, and the heat is unbearable (since we have no AC in these old Harvard houses). That means I will spend a lot of time in the library trying to cool off. As it often happens when I study, my mind will venture off in some tangent, and I will end up writing a blog entry. So please please keep posted.


And A New Journey Begin's ...

While Pierre's train excursion across America came to end his adventure's in life were just beginning. We congratulate him for graduating from Harvard College with a Bachelor's in Social Anthropology and from Harvard Divinity School with a Master in Divinity (M.Div.). And, has gone on to help many people through his work since then.

We thank him for sharing his journey, and wish him the best as his journey through life continues! 

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