Pierre Set's Off To The Train Station In Dallas

This is already an experience. I thought I would leave my house with plenty of time to get to the station, take some photographs, and take care of some travel-related business. Instead, my friend picked me up at 3PM (my train was scheduled to leave at 3:40). My house is only 20 minutes from the Amtrak station, but we were stuck in traffic. 3:22PM and we were nowhere near the station. 3:28PM and we had only moved a few feet. 3:33, and we were stuck at a red light. 3:36 and we got lost for a bit. 3:40 we arrive at the station.

I am literally shaking in fear of missing my train. At the window, a lovely lady
looks at me and placates my fears, “no worries…no worries. You’re all good. If I’m still here, the train’s gone nowhere. May I see your ID?” I wait for seconds that seem to turn into an eternity. “All right, the train will be here in about 15 minutes. Just go to Track Five.”

I know Amtrak has a reputation for not being on time, and unlike most passengers, I am thankful my train is late. Once the train arrives, I am assigned seat 17 (I did not know we were assigned seats; last time I traveled on Amtrak, I could sit anywhere I wanted…not this time. Thankfully, I am seated next to a lovely lady).

The Texas Eagle left at 5:02, heading to St. Louis.

Pictures of Dallas right before departure:

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